Our Mission and Goals

The mission of the IFT is to advance the science and technology of food through the exchange of knowledge.

The goals of the National IFT and the Longhorn Section are:

  1. to be the recognized worldwide resource of scientific and professional based food science and technology information
  2. to be members' primary resource for knowledge and professional development
  3. to be recognized as an advocate for science on food related issues
  4. to be financially secure and stable

Longhorn IFT Executive Committee


Chris Beninate

Morgan Murphy

Past Chair
Bruce Perkins

Dick Metivier

Kallen Ly

New Professionals Co-Chair
Ellery Woods

New Professionals Co-Chair
Trey Welch

Social Media Manager
Viviana Rushton

Volunteer Coordinator
Madylyn Thibodeaux

Suppliers' Night Technical Sessions
Nitin Joshi

Supplier’s Night Co-Chair
Greg Hanks

Supplier’s Night Co-Chair
Donna Henry

Members at Large
CJ Flannery


Longhorn IFT Special Committees

If you are interested in volunteering send an email to longhornift@hotmail.com.

Membership Committee

This committee will be in charge of all members information of Longhorn IFT.  It will be Chaired by the Secretary.  This information will need to be updated and reviewed to make sure we have email addresses, home addresses, company names, phone #'s that are current for many of our members.  This is a detailed data entry type of work.  This is an ongoing activity throughout the year.  We can have up to 3 people for this committee.  If you are the type of person that is good with details and searching for information we need you for this volunteer committee!

Scholarship Committee
This committee sets requirements for students to receive Longhorn IFT scholarships.  They also participate in the selection of candidates and recipients.  They get together and review applications after the fall semester and make a decision soon after.  This volunteer position takes about 3 months of time.  We can have up to 5 people for this committee.  If you have experience with students, experience within the food industry and want to help students with their career choices in the food industry then we need you for this committee!

Technical Speaker Committee
This committee is in charge of finding interesting and informational topics to bring to the monthly meetings for our members to gain industry knowledge.  Contacting the speaker and arranging the agenda will be necessary.  All forms of food industry experience and non experience welcome.  It can be veterans or new members to do this volunteer committee.  This committee can have up to 3 people.  It will be chaired by the President-Elect. It is an ongoing process since we try to have at least 5-7 speakers a year.  If you know of new things on the market or new trends then this is the committee for you!

Monthly Venue Committee
This committee seeks out new places for us to have monthly meetings.  Great food, location, cost, and space requirements are all necessary items to house our group.  This committee can have up to 3 people.  It will be chaired by the President-Elect. We have around 8 meetings a year.  If you are a social person who frequents many places around town, in any part of the DFW area, then we need you to volunteer!

Welcoming and New Member Committee
This committee is responsible for finding new ways to attract new members by group functions, networking, school affiliations, and by just spreading the word about Longhorn IFT.  This committee will also be the welcoming force at all meetings to introduce new members to the group.  This committee can have up to 5 people.  If you love to network, are good at marketing, and love to bring people together for a common cause, we need you on this volunteer committee!

Christmas/Holiday Party Committee
This committee will plan our annual Christmas/Holiday party in regards to location, costs, entertainment, space, securing door prizes and/or goody bags for members, food and beverages.  This is a 3-4 month commitment since it usually takes preplanning to secure a location.  Up to 3 people can be on this committee.  It will be chaired by the President-Elect. If you are interested in planning or assisting and dreaming up a great party for this fun time of year, please join this committee!

Supplier's Night Committee and Golf Committee
This committee arranges our supplier’s night for our biggest fundraiser for scholarships. It takes a lot of preparation such as: coordination of all areas and hotel, registration and overlapping areas,  golf tournament preparation, technical sessions, Computer Systems coordination, Student Liason, Volunteers, Scavenger Hunt, and Advertising. Currently we have several people involved in this committee. We always need new ideas and experience in all of these categories. Remember all team members make a great win! If you have input to enhance this committee, then we need you to volunteer!

Mentor Committee
This committee will be available for advice for new members coming into the industry to show them the ropes and the outlets they have available to them.  This would be a 5 person panel that would rotate every couple of years or just a list of mentors that can be contacted for advice on the website.  They would need to be willing to meet or give talks to college/high school/new members that would go into or are currently in the food industry. If this sounds like something you might be good at or wanting to assist the upcoming food recruits, then please join us on this committee!