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Meet the Longhorn
Leadership Team


Megan Halphen


Megan Halphen Headshot


Open Position

Longhorn Avatar.png
Benton Genus.jpg


Benton Genus

CAIF Nutrition A Caldic Company


Hank Dres

Current Employer: SPI Group
Education: BS Dairy/Food Science, Texas A&M University
Industry Experience: 49 years
Fun Fact: Love working with students.


Natalie Freno

Current Employer: IFF
Education: BS Food & Environmental Nutrition, University of Akron
Industry Experience: 3 years
Fun Fact: I have re-watched New Girl more times than I should admit!

Natalie Freno.jpeg

Technical Program Chair
& IFTSA Liason

Nitin Joshi


Nitin Joshi .png
Madalyn Thibodeaux Broussard

Golf Day Chair

Madalyn Thibodeaux Broussard

7-Eleven Inc 

Allison Brenner.jpeg

Young Professionals Co-Chair

Allison Brenner

Daisy Brands

Young Professionals Co-Chair

Tercera Jones Farris 

Fuchs North America

Suppliers' Night Chair
Donna Henry


500x660 Headshot Wix Longhron IFT (2).png

Volunteer Chair
Shantrell Willis

Current Employer: Daisy Brand
Education: BS Food Science, MS Food Science, and Ph.D. Food Science, Alabama A&M University
Industry Experience: 1.5 years in Industry, 5 years in academia
Fun Fact: I am from a food science family!

Committee Chairs

Ariana Frangos.jpg

Social Media Chair

Ariana Frangos


Scholarship Committee Chair
Hank Dres

SPI Group

Chris Beninate Headshot.png

Finance Chair

Chris Beninate

Current Employer: Haile Resources
Education: BA Broadcast Journalism, Minor in Finance
Industry Experience: 13 years in Food & Beverage Ingredient Supply
Fun Fact: Once had a beer with Mark Chesnutt at a Kiss concert!

About Longhorn IFT

Welcome to the Longhorn Section of IFT!


We are a nonprofit networking and educational organization. As part of the Institute of Food Technologists, we have built a community of food professionals from across the globe who come together to advance the science and industry of food.


Our members network and develop both personal and business relationships. We also work to support students and new professionals in our area who are beginning their careers in food science. Whether it's at a barbeque or one of our other fun events, at our annual or Suppliers Night Expo, or maybe a educational lecture featuring
an industry speaker... we look forward to having you with us!


So feel free to join us at any of our events, or become a member by clicking: JOIN IFT

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